We are live with our new event

Almost as soon as we started Clear Measure it was clear that we wanted to be thought leaders in our space and help the community grow around us through several different FREE event ideas that we had.

We started by doing brown bags.  The intent here was that we ensure that all our internal team members thought about software construction a certain way. This started almost immediately. They were scheduled and recorded.  And we will start putting them up on the Clear Measure site soon so that everyone can learn from our group think sessions.

Next we started to build up the Azure Austin user group. We figured since we are working on Azure almost every day we should share our findings in a public forum and drive some of the conversation around Microsoft’s cloud offering.  This group is now 140 people strong and meeting every third Wednesday at the Microsoft office.  We have expanded this effort to additionally helping the San Antonio Azure group (get-azure) too.

With all of these things humming along it is time to do something bigger and more focused.  It is time for the MeasureUP conference to kick off.

MeasureUP 2015 is going to be constrained to 100 or so people.  We intend to deliver a single track on the software construction process.  We intend to touch on team management process, continuous delivery, measure anything/measure everything, solution design, team dynamics, etc.  We are currently targeting this conference to be held at the Austin Microsoft office in September.

If you are interested in this conference please sign up for our mailing list and then head over to Eventbrite and register for the event!  We hope to see you there.

2 thoughts on “We are live with our new event

  • Sounds like a fantastic event for our dev community. Would love to attend, but will be camping instead. I’ll sign up for the newsletter & hope to join you next time.

    Chris Hill
    Austin, TX

    • Hi Chris,

      We’ll be sure to add you to the list to receive newsletters in the future. Also, the conference will be available to view on UserGroup.tv after the event. We hope to see you at the next one!


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